Here are some resources from class. They are all embeddable which means you can publish them in your own student resources section. Try Edmodo, your D97Teacher Page, your blog, or Wikispaces. Need help? Ask your Data and Instructional Tech Coach to teach you how to embed anything!

Search Engines to Support All Learners, A ThingLink Interactive Image

Search Engines to Support All Learners, a MentorMob Playlist

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Teacher Resources

The ThingLink Toolkit=== ===
Cool Tools Blog
QR Codes on the iPad

external image iPad_QRcodes.png
Wikispaces ClassroomA Flexible Tool
SAMR Explained
The Blooming Orangeby Smart Tudor Education
external image Screen+Shot+2013-07-23+at+12.39.32+PM.png
blooms orange.jpg
Download the Poster at